Galaxipotential offers a range of services in the areas of general consultancy, management, and training / research. All services are performed according to the client’s needs. Through this focus on the customer, we always present excellent services and constant improvement for long-term results in the medium and long term..

Services offered
to private companies

  • Definition of tourism products / services with maximum differentiation or thematic in Iberian territory; search for investors / entrepreneurs for their development
  • Identification of business and investment opportunities in Portugal and Spain for foreign companies.
  • Pre-opening support for foreign companies that are setting up for the first time in Portugal or Spain.
  • Benchmarking: analysis of tourism products / services compared to best practices or strategies in the international market for Portuguese or Spanish entrepreneurs.
  • Tourist journalism services for reporting (written and audiovisual) for international magazines in the Iberian peninsula.
  • Specialized tourist translation services.
  • Mistery Client

Services for public Entities and non lucrative institution

  • Inventory of tourist resources; identification and evaluation of tourism resources and services.
  • Tourism planning: Action/Director plans for emerging or consolidated destinations.
  • Inventory of tourist resources; identification and evaluation of tourism resources and services.
  • Tourism Product Development, specially: religious, rural, enogastronomic and wellness tourism.
  • System for evaluating the efficiency of public tourist services; design of internal quality programs for the provision of public tourist services; development of public decision-making matrices in tourism matters.
  • International cooperation projects in the field of tourism.
  • Development and monitoring of programs to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Services in the field of education/ investigation

  • One-off or recurring training in tourism planning and management, product development, entrepreneurship and innovation, tourism intelligence, among others.
  • Development of programs and content for ad hoc training in companies or public administrations, associations or institutions. Identification of teachers, organization and logistics.
  • Design, organization and implementation of training programs.
  • Design of degree, master or postgraduate programs in the field of tourism.
  • Scientific events in the field of tourism (congresses, seminars, among others): identification and selection of lecturers and scientific secretariat.
  • Development of customized teaching materials.
  • Coaching by certified professionals for professionals or students in the tourism sector.
  • Development of research in the areas of tourism, granting copyright if necessary to the client; monitoring of investigations and advice.
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