Experience in supporting companies and institutions in the tourism sector, in different areas such as expansion, project management and product development, tourism planning and research / training
Expansion, planning, product development,
internationalization in Spain or Portugal;
as well as research and training projects.
Services provided and products presented promote innovation, sustainability (economic, social and environmental) and responsible tourism.

Galaxipotential is a consultancy company in the areas of expansion / internationalization, project management and product development, tourism planning and research / training. With extensive experience in supporting public, non-profit and private companies, he stands out for It´s mission to enhance tourism projects of social responsibility and sustainability.


Our services are always tailored to the client’s needs, with responsible and sustainable tourism strategies, we work for and with the tourism sector in the areas of Consultancy, Project Management, Training and Research; we don´t do “anything”, but only specialized services for public administrations, institutions and private companies.


It is not a “conventional” consultancy, because our company also intends to execute innovative concepts that it has itself developed, which in turn will have a demonstration effect at different levels: social responsibility, economic development, environmental sustainability and tourist responsibility.

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