Clients and some
previous works

The solutions presented to our customers are unique and tailored to each one. All projects carried out have innovative and long-lasting results. Galaxipotential continuously monitors beyond the contracting period, in order to understand if the expected results are being achieved.


Who are we specifically addressing?

  • Tourist destinations in need of launch / promotion strategies, competitiveness or excellence
  • Sectorial associations
  • International bodies
  • Universities or other training/education entities
  • Other institutions with an interest in tourism but without know-how in the sector (for example: cultural, nautical, sporting entities …)

Some examples of past projects:

  • Tourism Events : interparliamentary Tourism Forum; Brussels, November 2019
  • Identification of business opportunities: several hotel units opened in Portugal and Spain for Barceló Hotel Group (2015-2019)
  • Research Studies such us: Tourism Analysis in Lugo province, 2016; Impact of tourism on the urban morphology of the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion, 2019
  • Scientific Events: Cross Border Tourism Seminar Braga, May 2019
  • Tourism Planning : Action Tourism plan for Cross-Border Tourism Spain-Portugal, 2018.


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